Ruby Tuesday Keto Options for Low Carb Diets

Named for the Rolling Stones’ song that seemed to play endlessly on the juke box, Ruby Tuesday now has more than 700 locations in 40 states and about a dozen countries worldwide. The original location has quite a story. One of Ruby Tuesday’s founders, Sandy Beall, was a college student in Knoxville, Tennessee in the 1970s. He also worked on the side helping a friend manage a few Pizza Huts. The friend suffered a major heart attack and was on his death bed when he offered Beall $10,000 to open a restaurant. Beall managed to scrape together another $10K with the help of a few friends. They bought an old house, slapped a few fake Tiffany lamps on the tables and served hamburgers on English muffins. After obtaining a liquor license, the place became popular with college students and Beall eventually dropped out of school to manage the restaurant.

ruby tuesday logo low carb ketogenic diet

Ruby Tuesday’s menu has come a long way since the hamburger on a muffin. The Endless Salad Bar has lots of keto-compatible items and the regular menu has plenty of great choices for keto as well. As always when eating out, it pays to plan ahead.

Ruby Tuesday lists nutrition information online and it even breaks it down into individual components of the menu items, but it isn’t the easiest to navigate. You’ll be doing a lot of clicking so read on to find your best options.

ruby tuesday keto friendly endless garden salad bar

The Endless Garden Bar at Ruby Tuesday for Keto Dieters

A big draw, you can make endless combinations that will fill you up and keep you satisfied. Listed below are the lower-carb options.

  • Salad greens – Load up on things like romaine, spinach, and other lettuces.
  • Veggies Broccolicelery, olives, cucumber, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, and kale (which is a little higher in carbs than other leafy veggies).
  • Meat & Dairy – Hard boiled egg, diced ham, bacon, cheese.
  • Seeds and nuts, but look out for the candied varieties (and avoid them).
  • Pico de Gallo is a-ok for keto.
  • Bell pepper and tomatoes are fine in moderation.

Pass on the croutons, crackers, and other carb-y stuff like beans, corn, fried onions, and fruit. A couple of carrots and/or raw onions will be okay.

low carb appetizers ruby tuesday deviled eggs

Low Carb Appetizers at Ruby Tuesday

Bacon Deviled Eggs (2 net carbs) – Bacon makes an already delicious dish even better. (30g fat, 25g protein)

keto friendly meal options ruby tuesdays shrimp

Keto-Compatible Lunch & Dinner at Ruby Tuesday

Believe it or not, this is the keto-pared-down list! You can add grilled shrimp to any entree for 0 net carbs, 4g fat and 6g protein.

  • Cajun Rib Eye, 12 oz. (0 net carbs) – Full of flavor but no carbs. (56g fat, 56g protein)
  • Grilled Salmon (0 net carbs) – Another safe bet for keto. (30g fat, 53g protein)
  • New York Strip, 10 oz. (0 net carbs) – A piece of meat is always a safe bet for keto. (40g fat, 48g protein)
  • Cajun Grilled Shrimp, no rice (0 net carbs) – Substitute a different side like broccoli or a salad. (19g fat, 12g protein)
  • Classic Burger, no bun (0 net carbs) – One of the best things about doing keto is guilt-free burgers. Add cheese and/or bacon for 0 extra carbs. (27g fat, 31g protein)
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich, no bun (0 net carbs, 12g fat, 31g protein)
  • Triple Prime Burger, no bun (1 net carb) – Triple prime refers to the meats used in the burger: sirloin, filet and ribeye. Same as for the regular burger, you can add bacon or cheese with zero guilt or carbs. (27g fat, 32g protein)
  • Top Sirloin, 6 oz. (1 net carb, 17g fat, 32g protein) The 8 oz. will add 1 more carb, 5g fat and 18g protein.
  • Avocado Turkey Burger, no bun, no onions (1 net carb) – Bacon, avocado and cheese. No dry burger here. (43g fat, 37g protein)
  • Blackened Tilapia (2 net carbs) – Can’t go wrong with grilled fish. (6g fat, 31g protein)
  • New Orleans Seafood (2 net carbs) – Adding shrimp, cream and spices to your tilapia makes this even more of a keto treat. (14g fat, 44g protein)
  • Triple Prime Mega Mushroom and Swiss, no bun, no onions (2 net carbs) – The Burger Sauce is the carb culprit here, so you could ask to leave that off as well. (45g fat, 43g protein)
  • Chicken ‘Bella (3 net carbs) – Mushrooms, parmesan cream and artichoke hearts are all keto. The double-decker won’t add much in the way of carbs. For your choice of sides, see below. (10g fat, 34g protein)
  • Chicken Fresco (3 net carbs, 22g fat, 32g protein)
  • Avocado Grilled Chicken, no bun (4 net carbs) – Avocado, mayo, bacon, cheese, this one is keto-delicious. (25g fat, 40g protein)
  • Asiago Bacon Chicken (5 net carbs) – Bacon, cream, cheese. This isn’t even close to a sacrifice. You can make it a double-decker without adding a single carb. See below for best sides. (28g fat, 43g protein)
  • Asiago Peppercorn Strip, 10 oz. (6 net carbs) – Meat, cheese and cream. Someone in the kitchen’s a fan of keto. (38g fat, 55g protein)
  • Asiago Peppercorn Sirloin (7 net carbs) – The carb culprit is the sauce, but still low enough to be acceptable for keto. Best picks for sides listed below. (17g fat, 44g protein)

ketogenic diet at ruby tuesdays eating out keto grilled zucchini side

Sides at Ruby Tuesday on the Ketogenic Diet

Plenty of keto-compatible choices here.

  • Garden Side Salad (1 net carb, 9g fat, 7g protein)
  • Grilled Zucchini (1 net carb, 0g fat, 1g protein)
  • Steamed Broccoli (3 net carbs, 0g fat, 3g protein)
  • Caesar Salad, no croutons (4 net carbs, 22g fat, 5g protein)
  • Lemon Pepper Coleslaw (4 net carbs, 23g fat, 2g protein)
  • Braised Greens (6 net carbs, 3g fat, 3g protein)
  • Southern Green Beans (7 net carbs, 6g fat, 5g protein)

Keto-Friendly Dressings at Ruby Tuesday

  • Mayonnaise (0 net carbs, 24g fat, 0g protein)
  • Mustard (0 net carbs, 0g fat, 0g protein)
  • Smoky Caesar (0 net carbs, 19g fat, 0g protein)
  • Garden Herb Ranch (0 net carbs, 12g fat, 0g protein)
  • Tomato Basil Sauce (1 net carb, 0g fat, 0g protein)
  • Buttermilk Blue Cheese (1 net carb, 19g fat, 1g protein)
  • Creamy Caesar (1 net carb, 19g fat, 1g protein)
  • Comeback Sauce (1 net carb, 14g fat, 0g protein)
  • Sour Cream (1 net carb, 1g fat, 0g protein)
  • Italian Herb Vinaigrette (2 net carbs, 14g fat, 0g protein)
  • Nashville Heat Glaze (2 net carbs, 18g fat, 0g protein)
  • Parmesan Cream Sauce (2 net carbs, 4g fat, 1g protein)

The White Cheddar Sauce goes a little high at 5 net carbs. (19g fat, 7g protein)

low carb keto compatible drink ruby tuesdays red wine

What to Drink at Ruby Tuesday for Low Carb Diets

Water, coffee, tea, or diet soda if nothing else will do. Ruby Tuesday has a full bar. A glass of red wine or a light beer will be acceptably low in carbs if you’re celebrating.

In Conclusion

Following a special diet requires discipline and planning, but you can absolutely eat out and still be successful with keto. That said, it’s important to remember that fast food does not always contain the highest-quality ingredients; therefore it should not be a regular part of any healthy diet.

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