Is Halo Top Keto-Friendly? Low Carb Ice Cream

Halo Top is an ice cream company that is relatively new and very popular. You can practically find it at every grocery store you go to. However, is Halo Top keto-friendly? Is it low-carb? Does it actually taste good?   Also, what types of sugars are being used in Halo...

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Best Keto Chocolate Bar Brands

Chocolate is one of those things that sometimes you have just got to have. However, it is not the best thing ever when a craving hits and all you have around you is some high-calorie and high-carb snacks. We have all been there, and we have all experienced the guilt...

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5 Keto-Friendly Desserts to Try and Enjoy

There are so many keto-friendly options out there that it can be hard to figure out what’s what, but what if you are craving something sweet? It can be hard to find good desserts that are both low carb and actually taste good, we reviewed some options here, but...

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Perfect Keto Bars Review

Perfect Keto has quickly made a name for themselves as a leading ketogenic supplement company. When I first discovered the company, they had a handful of BHB and MCT oil powders. Since then, they've expanded to vitamins, other supplements, and now keto bars as well! I...

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Perfect Keto Review – How Do These Supplements Rank?

About Perfect Keto Perfect Keto is a relatively new company that came out swinging with a broad line of supplements designed for people on the ketogenic diet. The company was founded by Dr. Anthony Gustin, a certified chiropractor and functional medicine provider....

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Kegenix Prime Exogenous Ketones Review

Kegenix is one of the original companies to release a line of exogenous ketones. Their patented formula was developed through the research of Dr. Dominic D'Agostino (one of the authoritative voice on the ketogenic diet). Now, there's a wider array of exogenous ketone...

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