Low Carb Outback Steakhouse Options for Keto Dieters

One of the best things about doing the keto diet is when you get to enjoy a big, juicy steak guilt-free. Even better is when you have a bunch of other options. Other than obvious things like potatoes, rice, and hamburger buns — and that carb and calorie-bomb known as the Bloomin’ Onion — you’re going to have so much to choose from at this place, it might actually be hard to decide.

If you like the Outback, you can thank Crocodile Dundee. The creators of Outback are not Australian. They didn’t even pay the country a visit. The idea was all due to the movie’s popularity. Based on the concept of “American food with Australian fun,” Outback has plenty of keto-compatible items on the menu: steak, burgers, fish, and even fancy things like king crab and lobster tails. They’re all okay so long as you skip the carb-y sides.

outback burgers low carb ketogenic diet options

Outback has an online list of nutrition facts, but it is not customizable, meaning you can’t figure out by reading it how many carbs are in a hamburger without a bun. But it can still be useful for planning ahead.

Keto-Friendly Appetizers at the Outback Steakhouse

Order a salad or go for Kookaburra Wings, small (8 net carbs) Any level of spice. (26g fat, 35g protein)

Low Carb Main Courses at Outback

All the steaks, ribeye, filet, NY Strip, you name it, are zero or very low (<2) net carbs. Just leave off the mashed potatoes or fries and have a salad and you’ll stay in the zone.

outback low carb meal options steak
Lobster Tail (1 net carb) is also great.
Burgers will be fine without the bun. Some Outbacks offer a grass-fed option. If yours does, consider ordering it as higher-quality meat is always better. The cheese toppings are all acceptably low in carbs, the highest being 1 net carb. The bacon is fine too.
Pork Porterhouse (0 net carbs) The carbs are good, but there’s a ton of protein.(26g fat, 69g protein)
Grilled Chicken and Swiss, no bun (1 net carb) Another decent choice. (16g fat, 35g protein)
Alice Springs Chicken (12 net carbs) Carbs are decent, but a lot of protein and calories. Consider taking half home. (47g fat, 76g protein)
Bacon Bourbon Salmon, 10oz. (6 net carbs) Another example of one that might be good to ask for a doggie bag. (42g fat, 61g protein)
Grilled Alaskan Halibut with Veggies (13 net carbs, 16g fat, 59g protein)
King Crab 1/2 lb. (1 net carb) Celebrating? This might be just the thing. (32g fat, 17g protein)
Grilled Salmon 10oz. with Fresh Mixed Veggies (12 net carbs) Most of the carbs come from the veggies, so if you leave out things like onions and carrots, your counts will be much lower. (46g fat, 59g protein)
Parmesan Herb Crusted Chicken (12 net carbs, 23g fat, 59g protein)

Sides at the Outback for Keto Dieters

Grilled Asparagus (2 net carbs, 4g fat, 2g protein)
Five Grilled Shrimp (3 net carbs) are fine too. (9g fat, 14g protein)
Roasted Garlic Butter (2 net carbs) won’t break the carb bank. (18g fat, 0.5g protein)
Sautéed mushrooms (8 net carbs, 2.5g fat, 7g protein)
Smoky bacon bourbon topping (6 net carbs, 2.5g fat, 7g protein)
Blue Cheese Wedge Side Salad with dressing (7 net carbs, 5g fat, 7g protein)
House Salad: Side Salad, no croutons (9 net carbs, 20g fat, 7g protein)

Other low-carb salad dressings:
Caesar (2 net carbs, 19g fat, 2g protein)
Ranch (1 net carb, 4g fat, 0.5g protein)
Creamy Blue Cheese (0.5 net carbs, 25g fat, 2g protein)

outback steakhouse salad low carb keto friendly

Ketogenic Diet-Friendly Main Course Salads at the Outback

Brisbane Caesar Salad, no croutons (<5 net carbs) Totals include the dressing. (34g fat, 11g protein)
Aussie Cobb Salad is another good choice at 10 net carbs. (20g fat, 22g protein)
Adding grilled chicken, ahi tuna, or salmon will add zero carbs to any of these salads, and grilled shrimp adds a measly 2 net carbs. Just remember to ask them to leave off the croutons.
Sirloin Caesar Salad, no croutons (<5 net carbs, 41g fat, 49g protein)

what to drink outback steakhouse water keto diet

What to Drink at Outback Steakhouse for Keto

The usual suspects: water, sparkling water, unsweetened iced tea, diet Coke if you must, and they carry sugar-free Red Bull, but you shouldn’t need that with all the energy you have naturally from following the keto diet.

In Conclusion

Outback makes it easy to stick to your keto diet as far as carbs go, but always remember that their portions are big and calorie counts can easily skyrocket. This kind of eating should be reserved for special occasions only.

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