Low Carb Menu Options at Panda Express

You’re committed to your keto diet, but sometimes you want to — or have to — eat out. Pizza’s no good, and forget the foot-long subs. Chinese food doesn’t seem like a great option either with rice being a big keto no-no. It’s true you’ll have to give the rice a miss, but the meat and vegetables present possibilities.

Panda Express Keto

Panda Express has been taking strides toward healthier choices. It doesn’t use MSG in its preparation or in the ingredients it buys from suppliers. And those wide trays of fresh vegetables you sometimes see behind the counter are a good sign. Besides nixing the rice and noodles, the sauces and breading are what you’ll have to watch for. Even in dishes where the meat isn’t breaded, it is often coated in corn starch, so when in doubt, ask. If you smile nicely, they might be willing to honor a request to skip the starch. Otherwise, read on to discover some acceptable suggestions from the biggest Chinese food chain in the US.

Keto Panda Express

Keto at Panda Express

Grilled Teriyaki Chicken – (8 net carbs) What’s more fun than watching someone use a cleaver to chop up a whole thigh? Plus it’s reassuring to see it’s one piece of meat and not pieces-parts. With 13g fat and 36g protein, this is a top keto pick.

String Bean Chicken Breast – (9 net carbs) Another good option since this one contains vegetables. (9g fat & 14g protein)

String Bean chicken Panda Express

Mushroom Chicken – (10 net carbs) Zucchini and mushrooms are both good choices for keto. (14g fat & 12g protein)

Broccoli Beef – (11 net carbs) Broccoli is an anti-cancer power food and the sauce won’t kill your diet. A decent choice with 7g fat and 9g protein.

Kung Pao Chicken – (12 net carbs) With keto-friendly veggies like bell peppers and zucchini, this is another good option. (19g fat & 16g protein)

Kung Pao Chicken

Black Pepper Chicken – (14 net carbs) It’s probably not going to be one of your below-20 net carb days, but with 19g fat and 13g protein, you might feel inspired to run a few extra laps to earn it.

Mixed Vegetables – (11g net carbs) Higher than you would think for veggies, but it’s the sauce and carrots that bring it up. (0.5g fat & 4g protein)

If you have a hankering for a fortune cookie, go ahead. You won’t blow your keto. A single cookie only has about 1.5 net carbs.

Low Carb Drink Options

Water or unsweetened tea. Panda Express has added a few healthy options to its tea bar like aloe vera and chia, so now you have more options to add to your unsweetened tea.

More Low Carb Options at Panda Express

A yen for Chinese takeout doesn’t have to blow your diet. Like many chains, Panda Express offers an online nutrition calculator that can help you decide what to eat and help keep track of your macros. Just keep in mind, fast food should be reserved for occasional use only, but by making good choices, you can enjoy yourself and stay in the keto zone.

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