Kegenix Prime Exogenous Ketones Review

Kegenix is one of the original companies to release a line of exogenous ketones. Their patented formula was developed through the research of Dr. Dominic D’Agostino (one of the authoritative voice on the ketogenic diet).

Now, there’s a wider array of exogenous ketone supplements on the market but Kegenix remains a leading brand.

Kegenix Review

What Are Exogenous Ketones?

In order to understand the supplements Kegenix provides, you need to understand exogenous ketones. The purpose of the ketogenic diet is to train your body to turn fat into ketones (vs. running on carbs/glucose). Exogenous ketones are supplemental ketones that your body does not produce. These ketones can be ingested in an effort to emulate the same effects as the ketogenic diet.

One of the most common exogenous ketones is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB), which is the same ketone you are testing for when you test your blood.

Why Would Someone on the Ketogenic Diet Take Exogenous Ketones?

The short answer is: fuel. Even people who are not on the ketogenic diet can benefit from exogenous ketones. These ketones can be converted into energy faster than most other substances.

Some keto dieters will also use exogenous ketones to get into ketosis faster or as fuel before a gym session.

What Are Kegenix Supplements

Kegenix has a line of products built around exogenous ketones. I’ve tried the three main supplements:

  • Kegenix Prime – A blend of BHB and MCT oil powder
  • Ignite Keto Spray – A BHB spray
  • Keto Meal – A meal replacement shake consisting of BHB, MCT, and other supplements

All three of these products are just different applications of exogenous ketones.

Kegenix Prime Exogenous Ketones

Are Kegenix Exogenous Ketones Worth It?

The Kegenix supplements are all high quality, however the only one I would re-order is Kegenix Prime. The Ignite spray was convenient but became messy and the Keto Meal contained more supplementation than I needed (I prefer meals to meal replacements).

Here are a few notes on what you can expect:


Kegenix nutrition is pretty straightforward although there are a few questionable things. A standard serving of 2 scoops has 126 calories, most of which come from the fat-dense ingredients. The one thing I was surprised about was the 3 grams of carbohydrates (2 of which are from sugar). Considering how easy it is to make supplements without any carbs, I was surprised that a ketogenic supplement would include sugar.

Kegenix Prime Nutrition Review


The taste of Kegenix supplements is about what you’d expect from any supplement (think preworkout). I tried the lemon flavor and orange flavor of Kegenix Prime and the chocolate flavor of Keto Meal. The taste is nothing to write home about but it’s not bad at all.

Kegenix Keto Meal


I noticed an increase in energy when using any of the Kegenix products. It’s almost impossible not too. If you’ve tried MCT oil, the energy is similar but elevated. Kegenix Prime is a nice addition to a preworkout or can be used as a pick-me-up anytime throughout the day.


If price wasn’t a factor, I would order Kegenix on a regular basis. That said, Kegenix, like most BHB supplements is somewhat pricy. A 2-week supply of Kegenix prime will run you $50. As someone who spends a lot of money on supplements, it’s still hard to justify this price tag. I like the results but I wouldn’t say the results justify the price.

Who Should Use Kegenix Supplements?

I think every keto dieter should try an exogenous ketone supplement at one point. See how your body reacts, as the results may justify the price tag for you. I find the best applications to be:

  1. Training your body to get into ketosis – If you’re just starting the ketogenic diet, exogenous ketones can train your body to process ketones and may also expedite your ketosis. They can also be used to reduce your cravings when you first get started on the ketogenic diet.
  2. Preworkout and Energy – Kegenix supplements are great for an energy boost, similar to caffeine or a preworkout. I like to mix Kegenix Prime into my preworkout for an added kick!
Kegenix Prime Review
  • Taste
  • Effectiveness
  • Quality
  • Price


Kegenix is one of the original suppliers of exogenous ketones. They currently offer a line of supplements based on BHB and MCT oil. Read this review to see if its a good fit for you.

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